The Radavist Approved: Serota’s Underarm Balm Feb 23, 2015


I know this isn’t cycling-oriented, unless you’re the smelly guy in the pack…

Over the past three years, I’ve helped my partner Lauren develop an all-natural deodorant at our home in Austin. I’d grown tired of hippie options and found most of them didn’t work anyway. After mixing various essential oils together, Lauren came up with a recipe that not only worked, but was remarkably effective over long periods of time.

From the hot summer months, to wearing layers upon layers in the winter time, Serota’s Underarm Balm works for me, as well as a few of my close friends who received early batches. I’ve been using it for three years and couldn’t be happier. We’ll also be developing a special Radavist scent over the next few weeks.

At any rate, I’m stoked for my partner as she launches a new brand.

You can read all about it, including how to apply, what it’s made from and read testimonials at, or if you’d like to pick up a container, it’s $19 shipped in the USA. Each container lasts around 3-months, depending how often you apply.

  • Erik B

    squarespace site

    • Erik B

      No emoji support in comments ☹

  • Will Ashe

    I am always on the lookout for a natural deodorant. Definitely looking forward to giving this a try.

  • Patrick Murphy

    well I’d buy some today had you not mentioned the Radavist scent, which I expect to be called “rubber side under”

    • It’s a ways out, but it’ll be bergamot and cedar.

  • Will definitely give this a try

  • mellowvelo

    Yep, yep, yep. Just placed my order; looking forward to trying it out! Commercial deodorant kinda freaks me out, but I play hard and sweat hard and don’t always smell like roses, so I use it. I also work in “hippy” Boulder, CO, where there are plenty of people who have told me that most of the “naturals” don’t work. Or, just can just follow your nose in that town… You can bet that if I like it, I will evangelize. People around here will be all over it. Thanks for letting us know!

  • It’s worth the click-through just for the testimonial photos…

  • Kerry Nordstrom

    Emi’s Coiffe Bälm

  • Andre Cerny

    Effective…not affective. Unless it’s so good it makes you cry.

  • Alex Forbes

    Awesome! I’ve been trying out more natural deodorants, like Tom’s (although there is still a lot of crap in them). I am def. going to give this stuff a try. Also, if Lauren is taking votes for more scent ideas, Lemongrass is a wonderful fresh smell and has my vote ;)

  • Justin Abarabar

    This certainly caught my attention. My B.O. can kick like a donkey on certain days and it’s more of a bummer when others notice before I do. Will try this out soon enough!

  • Harry

    Aww no sending to ‘straya!? We stank over here!

    • The FDA is weird about shipping stuff like this internationally.

      • Humber

        It’d probably attract ravenous drop bears anyway.

  • Andrew

    We will see how this works…who wouldn’t want to smell like eucalyptus?

  • Pradi Shigari

    Hello there, was wondering if you guys will be at the upcoming NAHBS in Kentucky. I”m deff interested in buying one, but would prefer to see it in person first and get the feel of it.

  • i’ll trade you for some peanut butter.