Poler Stuff: Insulated Purist Water Bottles Feb 3, 2015


Our friends at Poler just stoked their bicycle water bottle for 2015, as a follow up to their highly successful Purist bottles last year. Scoop up one or a pair at Poler today.

  • Sretsok

    Sooo sweet but $14 shipping? Whack.

  • david

    $20 for ONE bottle plus $14 for shipping? I love what they do but ….

  • AdamEldridge

    In their defense. Shipping is through the roof. It’s insane. If you factor in the box their having to buy and the labor to ship it.. well it adds up. I agree. shipping sucks right now for businesses. Let’s not even talk about international from the USA.

    • Mom’s Spaghetti

      >Let’s not even talk about international from the USA.

      45 DOLLA, HOLY FUCK.

  • phil88

    I cant seem to select the UK as a shipping option at the moment, but I have tried to get a couple of bottles before and shipping was around $50…