A Pedalers Fork Argonaut Cycles Road with Dura Ace

When the team at Pedalers Fork became a dealer for Argonaut Cycles, they needed a bike that would operate as both an advertisement and a floor model / test bike for interested clients. While I love my matte-black Argo, stealth is not the best at advertising for the brand, so Gideon at Pedalers Fork cooked up a purple, flashy, chevron-inspired design for painter Eric Dungey to get to work on.

Since this particular model will be a test bike for inquiring customers, Pedalers Fork chose the traditional seatpost spec, rather than an ISP. The result is a flashy, yet classic stance with the brand’s name in bright silver on the downtube. With a painted PRO stem, a blue King, a purple seatpost collar, Mavic 125ans wheels and Dura Ace throughout, every detail has been considered… It’ll be sure to turn heads.

  • From the side it looks like a modern take on the Barber’s Pole! Love it.

  • Bradley Tompkins

    Those bars are not centered #OCD

    • Bradley Tompkins

      Otherwise, the bike is stunning and perfect.

      • Tyler Ross

        The bike mechanic began drinking at this point…

        • turbotudor

          front brake cable is getting suffocated in there

    • thebennonite

      Could be distortion/illusion. They are photographs. #justsayin

      • Bradley Tompkins

        That straight on close-up of the bar/stem interface is pretty clear……it ain’t a black/blue dress or anything

  • Salim Riley

    These could sell on the looks alone, but I bet they ride gud too!

  • Cymona Correa

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  • Noel Smith

    wow.. worst paint scheme ever. a bike that perfect doesn’t need frilly purple ribbons to stand out from the crowd, just sayin’

    • DougHan

      well when you buy one you can paint it however you want.
      Love it.

      • Yep…

      • Noel Smith

        so are people not allowed to have an opinion good or bad? not every comment is going to be rainbows and lollipops, get over it. and no i won’t be spending ten grand on a bicycle, thanks.

    • Tyler

      Thought the same thing. Beautiful bike however, minus the paint scheme.

  • Really like those argonauts, same for this one with the blue and purple. However the 3k finish on the headtubes somehow feels out of place..

    • Well, that’s not a cosmetic wrap like most 3k finishes. It’s the actual structural carbon.

  • Trevor Martin

    Is Ben playing around with different tube forms? Not sure why but this looks slightly different than the others with the seat post option…

  • This has to be the most beautiful bike EVA!