Paul Announces Three New Thru Axle Hubs Feb 13, 2015


Paul has responded to your requests and today announced three new thru axle hubs for your off-road bicycle of choice. New to the Paul hub lineup is a standard FHub disc 10 x 100, Fhub disc 15 x 150 for fatbikes and their WORD thru axle hub in 12 x 142. All three are made in Chico, California and in stock now, ready to roll at Paul.

  • Scott Felter

    PAUL never quits and never disappoints. So much love for everything they do!

  • Zachery Small


  • mrbiggs

    Whew, now I know what I’m gonna do with that extra money I have. Xo, Paul.

  • Raoul Morley

    Hopefully this means the thru axle skewers aren’t far behind, I have a bike waiting for beautiful thru axles, Paul would be perfect…