Moots Routt Dirt Drop Expedition Bike Feb 7, 2015


For 2015, Moots introduces a rather interesting model to their extensive lineup. The Moots Routt is made for expedition-style, ultra-lightweight bikepacking and backcountry touring. With disc brakes, 450mm chainstays and a nice bottom-bracket drop, this bike will sail with ease down fire and frontage roads and rip up singletrack. With clearance for up to a 44mm tire, it’ll take whatever you throw at it on trail and tarmac.

Since the Routt is titanium, it’s bound to offer a smoother ride than other materials and since it’s a Moots, it’s backed by their lifetime warranty. Made in Colorado where they know a thing or two about the wilderness.

See more at Moots and head to your local dealer for ordering.

  • carchiba

    That handlebar, who makes it ?

  • Mitch Lomacz

    Or you can run 650b/27.5″ mtb wheels and tires, but only with those 450mm chainstays! This pist reminds me to order the Pircelan Rocket bags asap!

  • Holler_Atcha_Soy

    now if only they made a carbon fork with bottle cage mounts on the sides so you could run that full frame bag without having to wear a camelback!

  • Tobie DePauw

    Before the Routt, there existed a mythical beast called the Minotaur. That’s what we called it, anyways.

  • Cooper Johnson

    Maybe a dumb question but what’s the hydration solution?

    Ediot: Oh. Didn’t see ya down there, Holler.

    • Scott Felter

      Bladder in frame bag…