Lance Armstrong Cameos in Future User’s New Music Video Feb 6, 2015

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I’m sure most of you grew up in the Rage Against the Machine era, as well as the US Postal Tour era, so this one will strike two notes. Future User, the side project from Rage Against the Machine bassist Tim Commerford features a cameo by Lance Armstrong, where Lance taunts another cyclist by saying “you can never hang”…

The video’s message lies in Future User’s outrage over the misplaced aggression and media hype surrounding doping, insinuating that, essentially, the US has better things to be pissed off about. Turns out, Commerford and Lance are buddies.

Watch the video at Vevo.

  • Anna

    The US has better things to be pissed off about than performance enhancing drugs? The US has better things to be concerned about than sports in general. The US has better things to spend their money on than…well a lot of things, including the sports industry. That’s a total bullshit argument that amounts to “shut up and let us take your money”. Real progressive “Future User”.

    Anyway, I should stop procrastinating now and continue my research on how to convince people to stop spending their time getting fat and watching sports on TV to support the market for performance enhancing drugs, and go do some fucking physical activity themselves.

    • I don’t think their argument amounts to “shut up and let us take your money” as much as they’re trying to say, “hey, there’s REAL shit happening in the world.”

      Personally, I’m not a fan of sports in general. I like cycling, but that’s obvious. Still, I’d rather ride my bike outside, than watch a race.

      You don’t see people rioting in the streets for political protest, but you do see them over the World Series, Superbowl, etc and to me, that is the travesty.

      • Dobry

        You see people rioting in the streets for political protest pretty often. You can just look at the last several years for proof.

        Tunisia (2010) a man actually set himself on fire in protest of his government, and not just in a music video. This set off protests that toppled the government. Egypt (2011) people protested in the streets and took down a dictator. Libya and Syria, same year, people took to the streets to protest (although both those cases led to a civil war). In Ukraine in 2013, people took to the streets and forced the overly-pro-Russian president to flee, allowing them to install a newly elected government. Same year, in Thailand, people took to the streets to protests for political reform. In Ferguson, Missouri, USA in 2014, people took to the streets in protest of racism and the militarization of police which led to civilian riots and, arguably, police riots. Same year, Hong Kong mobilizes to protest in support of keeping their electoral system. And this is just off the top of my head, I’m ignoring protests in Mexico, Greece, Spain, Russia, Myanmar and other places that I can’t remember the details of.

        I think the problem is that this music video is presented by the creators as doing something when it really isn’t. It’s gesturing toward a problem, but not really defining it or suggesting solutions. There are people who put their lives on the line every day to advocate for solutions to real problems and they don’t get half the recognition that some guy in a studio with a guitar seems to demand.

        But I do agree with you that rioting over sporting events or sporting news is stupid.

        • I’m speaking of the US, sorry.

          • Dobry

            Wait, are you Abe Simpson?

      • Anna

        Maybe so. I guess to me the argument (which you are saying) should be that getting all worked up about professional sports in general is a waste of attention that would be better focused social injustice, rather than just the performance enhancing drugs part of sports.

      • Hamish Mcdougall

        What about the ferguson riots?

        • Literally one of the first times that’s happened in the USA. Versus sporting riots happening every single year.

          • Dobry

            Oscar Grant in Oakland; Republican Nat’l Convention in ’08, the Occupy Protests?

            I love you, John, but c’mon.

          • Sorry again (commenting on the fly from my phone) – race-related riots – I’ll work on being more accurate. My point is, sporting riots happen every season, at the collegiate and professional levels. You can’t argue that they’re more frequent than political rioting.

            Again, a protest is not a riot!

          • Dobry

            I take your point about sports riots being more prevalent and that they’re stupid. It’s a good one.

            I don’t think the music video can take the moral high ground, but you’re not arguing that it can. So … ok then.

          • Oh, I’m not. I just thought the Armstrong cameo was entertaining.

  • ez

    Thankfully, the dubious message is packaged with terrible music (I don’t know what I was expecting) so maybe it’s some kind of aversion therapy?

    • That music sucks so bad! haha

    • Dobry

      “Dubious message packed with terrible music” – This could be the name of an awesome punk album or it could be a warning we put on virtually all pop music.

  • Keith Gibson

    transworld skate video

  • PabloP

    It’s a self-serving message for Lance, i.e.his lying and deception are not a big deal and that we should basically forget about it. This would seem to overlook the larger cultural significance that was placed on Lance (as also promoted by him), the wealth and fame he (temporarily at least) won from his deception, and the lives he adversely affected on his warpath. I also have a more fundamental problem with the argument in that there’s almost always something “more important” to be upset about depending on your priorities.

  • I used to see Tim Bob in Performance Bikes in Santa Monica. That guy had a massive Santa Cruz V10 (model?) that looked like it got a lot of use.

  • Guest

    Lance is only making things worse as he tries to stay relevant. It’s too bad Tim Commerford put that dorkus in the video for this wack song; he’s much more likable in a dirtjumping contest again Cam McCaul:

  • @johnprolly:disqus a lance interview would be so dope on the Radavist!

  • Kyle Deven

    Oh shit. Political and social commentary aside… that is just a shitty shitty song.

  • Harvey Tinzell

    All he could bank on now is his cancer survival story these days. Maybe.