Kona: The Humu 29’r Klunker Feb 7, 2015

The history of the Humu within the Kona lineup dates back to 1992, mountain bikes were a lot different back then, which might explain its early design. Double top tube, moto-inspired handlebars and the body language of a beach cruiser, moreso than a MTB.

These days, simpler can still be better and just as fun, which is why the modern Humu comes with Kona’s original P2 fork, but gets modern upgrades like sliding dropouts, disc brakes and 29 inch wheels. Now let’s see some footage of it shredding dirt!

Check it out at Kona.

  • Harry

    Kinda bike you see hip kids riding in Japan

  • Mike

    So rad, the old HumuHumus were pretty much the ultimate destroyer bikes, looks like these should be pretty much the same. Definitely need to get some dirt on those, and some Hookworms. My HumuHumu is probably the most fun bike I have for almost any situation I can think of….if maybe also usually the least practical!

  • starground

    Yeah! Very versatile bike. Transforming an old one to a 650B footie Klunkeur…Me likes :-)