Independent Fabrication: Deluxe 29+ MTB Feb 21, 2015


Phil runs the finishing department at Indy Fab, where recently, he was able to design, build and design the paint for his newest bike. This steel Deluxe MTB, built around a Paragon Machine Works chainstay yoke. This allows builders to have clearance for a 3″ 29er tire, along with ensuring chainrings and cranks will fit the stays, using a 68mm wide bottom bracket shell.

This Deluxe is rolling on Industry Nine hubs, Stans Hugo rims with the new Bontrager Chucacabra tires. Drivetrain is Sram X01 1×11 groupset with gripshifts and the bike is very stoppy thanks to the Avid BB7s mechanical disc brakes. Those 3″ tires fit just fine in the Bontrager carbon 29r fork, and Phil painted the Bontrager seatpost to match, along with the stem.

The color is PPG’s liquid crystal Candy Apple Red, with black on white decals. See more below!









  • Why do BB7s brakes make it “very stoppy”?

    • Why don’t they? As far as mechanical discs go, they’re pretty good.

      • Yeah nothing wrong with ’em, I have them on two bikes. It just makes it sound like they are “stoppier” then normal!

    • carter

      Not like your gonna be needing em much on this bike anyhow…. I bet this thing just plows sweet lines of awesomeness through whatever it touches. But for real I run BB7’s on two of my rides and they actually have less problems than my Shimano Hydraulics mile for mile….

  • Mike

    Damn, this bike is my wet dream.

  • Chris Rowe

    Oh no did I get fired??? Last time I checked I was still running the paint dept at IF, and Phil was running the finishing dept (though still painting quite a bit). Come visit us!!

    • Shit! Haha!

      • Chris Rowe

        Phil painted the frame also. I actually didn’t touch this bike at all…but now that’s it built I can’t keep my hands off of it!!!

  • Daniel da Silva

    Well, this is the perfect MTB imo. Just amazing!

  • Very down with what’s going on in the yoke department.

  • That bike it’s like menstrual cycle, you don’t realize what’s going on until it is too late and you find that the chain is rubbing your 3″ tyre in the climb, So like when your’re about to issue a sexy female your portion and she tells you she’s on the blob.

    • Phil

      Lovely analogy. Fortunately, Sram bottom brackets come with a spacer kit, so by adding about 3 mm of spacers to the drive side crank, chain rub (even in the tallest 42 tooth cog) is not an issue.

      • Thanks for leaving it clear, could be an issue without bb30 bottom bracket?

        • Phil

          This same setup should work with any 68mm wide bottom bracket. It is common practice on mountain bikes to add 2.5mm of spacing to each side to bring the width of the BB to 73mm. I just added a couple thinner spacers to the drive side only (about 1mm) to give myself additional clearance from the tire.

    • Those Paragon Yokes ensure no chain rub and I’m sure the female readership doesn’t approve of your analogy.

      • I try to relate a sense of dissatisfaction, not to be rude with female public.

        • it’s unfortunate that your only way of presenting dissatisfaction lies in the inappropriate metaphor of a female’s reproductive cycle.

    • mrbiggs

      Neanderthal day at The Radavist.

  • Slc29er

    Sweet ride! I’d be interested to know what the chain stay length ends up at. No doubt this bb yoke looks much better than the ROS 9+ I’ve had my eye on.

    • Phil

      465 center of axle to center of BB, and thanks for the kind words!

  • I have an 2010 model Ti 29’er Deluxe and an 2014 Edelbikes 29+ and love them both. This is like their love child. Droooooool! I’m curious about the choice of BB7’s instead of hydraulic brakes. FYI – as an overgrown ‘Adult-child’, I come from the age of Candy Apple Hot Rods… LOVE IT!

    • Phil

      Thanks, I really love the color myself! As for the brakes, I like the simplicity of the setup for mechanical brakes as well as not having to worry about hydraulic fluid changing consistency and brake feel/operation in cold temperatures. The bike does have zip tie guides, so I could always upgrade to hydros later on!

  • Robert Franklin

    Another beautiful IF frame. I’m happy to see someone else running the Hugo + Chupacabra pair; I got my first ride in with those on my Gnarvester today.

    Phil, I’m curious what pressure you’re running. I ran 12/13 on my Rabbit Holes + Knards, but talking with someone from Stan’s about the v1 Hugos made me cautious about running too low. I tried 16/16 to start.

    • Phil

      Hi Robert, currently I’m running just below 10 psi in both tires, that way I can ride to the local trails and ride the trails without making any adjustments. I’ve had them as low as 5psi on soft snow, and then it really “floats” like a fat bike tire! We have several feet of snow in NH, so no need to run higher pressures yet.

      • carter

        Mind If I ask your Weight? I’m running WAY higher pressures (on stans arch Ex’s with Chupacabras) and feel like maybe I should be stepping the psi down now that I’m reading this…

        • Phil


      • Robert Franklin

        Thanks for the reply. I’m trying to make sure I don’t pinch down onto the rim, with as thin as the Hugos are, but it sounds like I’ve got a lot of room to play left.

  • ColoradoXJ13

    Is that fork commercially available anywhere?