I’m in California with l’Eroica Feb 4, 2015



Yesterday, I spent the entire day on the bike pre-riding and photographing the l’Eroica California course for an upcoming story. While we’re a ways from Italy, you’d be surprised how surreal the landscape is out here.

As always, more to come, so stay tuned… and sign up for the l’Eroica California newsletter to keep informed on registration.

  • Damn, amazing shots dude!

    • Jamie McKeon

      as always…

  • WOW

  • charlesojones

    I’ve ridden in that area a number of times, though it has all been on paved roads. The opportunity for some dirt roads makes it that much more appealing.

    My old Merckx needs some attention before she’s ready for this though…

  • odenator

    Looking for a bike now…

  • Guest

    Can you share this route yet?