Foundry Introduces their Titanium Overland Cross Feb 18, 2015


Production titanium hits the Foundry Cycles lineup with the Overland cyclocross bike. The Overland is available in a Force 22 hydro build complete for $4,695 or a frameset for $2,495. Check out the full press-release below, along with more detailed images.


Here’s the low down from Foundry:

“Designed with multiple courses and disciplines in mind, the Overland has clearance for 41c tires. It can handle the full gamut of off-road, drop bar riding and racing—from early-spring gravel racing to late-season cyclocross with a few UltraCross races in between. Removable fender mounts expand the versatility of the Overland further by allowing early season training rides to carry on when the weather turns foul. The bike features front and rear thru-axles, offering additional stiffness throughout. The launch of the Overland marks the first entry into alloys for Foundry, whose previous models were all carbon.”


“The Overland was developed to be the only bike you need when it comes to gravel and cyclocross.
We knew that in order for a bike to help you tackle the demands of a 6 hour gravel race or an hour long cross race it had to be responsive, compliant and stable,” explains Foundry Brand Manager Todd Schmidt. “We also believe in building bikes that will stand the test of time. For that reason, Ti was an obvious choice for the Overland. With Ti, it is recognized that you get a high strengthto-weight ratio, a near infinite fatigue life, and a very lively feel that no other bicycle materiel can match in ride quality.”


“The Overland is available in limited quantities as a frameset—which includes a Whisky No.9 fork,
DT RWS front and rear axles, Cane Creek headset, and a seat collar—or as a complete bike. The
complete features a SRAM Force 22 Hydraulic drivetrain, DT Swiss R24 wheels, Zipp cockpit, and
tires from Clement. The frameset and complete bike will retail for $2,495 and $4,695 respectively.”













  • This looks really great.

  • Jay

    What are the bolts near the dropouts on both sides of the fork? The pictures on Whiskey’s website do not reflect these.

    • I’d imagine it’s a new Whisky fork – probably launching at frostbike.

      • Jay

        Man, I could really use a No. 9 with 10-15 mm more clearance and provisions to mount a front rack. I’m interested to see the specs. Thanks for the info.

  • Eric

    This is a great looking bike. I’ve never warmed to bare Ti and a black fork – I like way this flows.

  • Trevor H

    This looks great. I’m glad a group at QBP put some forward thinking into their Ti bikes, was super disappointed that the newest Salsa Colossal and Warbird were missing ports for internal Di2/EPS.

  • Vanessa Roth

    They made a size XS! I love them for that.

  • c_j_drawbridge

    Thanks a lot John. First the No22 Broken Arrow, now this rig?! Damn you.
    Ok so let me now take the time to go to their website because I need to know more about it now……..

    • Well, one is made in the USA and one is made overseas. Something to consider. At least it’s something I would, considering they’re priced so similarly.

      • c_j_drawbridge

        Enough said.

  • Logan N. Everly

    I’ve been looking at these lately and they’re gorgeous….but my god, why put all of those cables on top of the top tube, it looks gross, too much clutter – am I alone in that mindset?