Your Favorite Cross Pros in a Rap Battle Feb 19, 2015

… well, I have no words. Two rap battle teams, headed by Sven Nys on one side and Matthieu van der Poel, on the other compete against each other. Like a sprint at the finish line, who will win this one?

  • CXHairs
    • Brett Rothmeyer

      I feel like Powers missed a good opportunity to snag a victory on this one, maybe next season he’ll expand his world cup only schedule while in Europe and drop some science on these fools.

  • Van der Poel wins again!
    btw, It’s half dutch half flemish ;)

    • He’s from Holland though, right?

      • CXHairs

        Wout, Klaas, Sven, Meeusen, Peeters, Wellens are all Belgian. Van der Poel and van der Haar are Dutch.

  • Emil Holt

    The Ford commercial before the clip with Vanilla Ice really framed it.

  • adanpinto

    The superprestige closing party is always funny and bizarre. I really like it.