A Day in Calabasas with Pedalers Fork and Argonaut Cycles

Southern California is a second home to me, for many reasons, the obvious of which being the excellent cycling and the people that live here. Life’s a bit easier when it’s always sunny and excellent riding is at your finger tips. Perhaps that’s why Ben from Argonaut has always liked the crew at Pedalers Fork in Calabasas. They’ve got world class roads and trails literally surrounding their unique restaurant, coffee and bike shop.

I can’t tell you how many times people attempt this business model, yet Pedalers Fork didn’t just attempt it, they nailed it. Excellent food, great coffee and high end bicycles. Pedalers Fork has created an environment that caters to the local cycling scene with group rides, fund raisers and parties. While their bike is small, they turn out many precision high end builds. Up until this point, they’ve sold only Moots. Not because of any exclusivity deal, but because they were looking for a carbon fiber match to the brand. That’s where Argonaut comes in.

A few weeks ago, Ben from Argonaut asked if I wanted to come out to Calabasas, ride bikes, eat great food and hang out with friends. All to celebrate this new union. Well, that and Ben would be giving a presentation of sorts about the brand to a few select people… and I’d shoot some photos.

We spent the morning riding bikes over the Santa Monica Mountains, with lunch at Pedalers Fork, an afternoon Putt n Pump track action at a secret location before attending a dinner, curated by Chris DiMinno of the Chris King Gourmet Century.

Rough day, huh?

  • barry mcwilliams

    Los Flores to Dirt Mulholland is my favorite west side ride. Great pics. Good to have you back in town.

    • I’m glad to be here!

    • hans

      definitely need to get out to the west side more!

      • barry mcwilliams

        Let’s go on Sunday morning! From my place to Los Flores to Dirt Mul is around 60 miles & 5,500′. I’ve been off my bike all week except for commuting & I’m itching to actually pedal.

  • david__g

    ugh, that weather, those roads, those views.

  • Jermy

    This guy nailed it!

  • marco primo

    that meal looks awesome but those portions look crazy big to me… maybe that’s a US thing?

    • Gabriel Fukfasebock Ytterberg

      Ha! Come try Olive Garden sometime.

  • Warwick

    Coffee, scenic hilly road ride, mountain bikes, more coffee, amazing food & bikes, this set epitomises a perfect day for me.

  • Tamaso

    Man, that 25th anny Dura-Ace in the display case reminds me of the Terminator in the best way… Haha