David’s Olive Stinner Frameworks Road

To quote Tom Petty, “the waiting is the hardest part” and waiting for a custom frame isn’t easy by any means. Plenty of frame builders are so busy that their queue is up to over a year out. For Santa Barbara’s Stinner Frameworks, things have been slammed. New clients and a warm winter has kicked his queue into overdrive. Although, that’s not the only reason Aaron is busy. His bikes ain’t bad either!

David placed an order for a straight forward road bike 9 months ago and just picked it up. Since then, Aaron has hired extra help and reduced wait considerably.

I met David today and talked to him about his new bike a bit. Consensus: nothing but stoke! With Stinner’s Select Tubing, the bike will perform out in the hills surrounding the Pedalers Fork in Calabasas, where these photos were taken. David’s component choice round out the crazy sparkle olive paint: Force 22 and ENVE rims, matched with Thomson bits and Ritchey bars.

Ride safe, David!

  • barry mcwilliams

    So great seeing more & more Stinners out there. I’m damn happy to finally be a member of the club myself.

  • James

    9 months? I was quoted like 12 weeks!

    • This was before Aaron hired help.

    • Hey James,

      We have been working really hard on getting our wait times down. So if you have inquired recently, our wait times are pretty on point. David (in the comment section, not the one in the article) above just received his bike and he place his deposit on 10/29/14. So he got it in 16 weeks. Everyone else is is receiving their bikes in just under 16 weeks at this point. If you put a deposit down today, it would definitely be in 12 weeks. If you have any more questions about wait times, please drop me a line. [email protected]

  • bgav

    Nailed it. Olive paint with the different silver bits (King Iris cages, Thomson seatpost & stem, Chris King headset, Spurcycle raw bell) exude classic elegance despite the modern build. Standard 1 1/8″ vs oversized/tapered head tube keeps it balanced as well.

  • David

    Really, really good. Loving the Olive w/ Silver Thomson and King. Just took delivery of my second Stinner. They never disappoint.

  • Kyle Deven

    I love it when @johnprolly:disqus is in LA. So many great bikes to be photographed out here. WELCOME BACK JOHN!

  • David, you rock, thanks for being an awesome customer! Have fun on the road!

  • Eric Hancock

    Those bells have a really nice sound.

  • Doug Landers

    Wait time is not too bad. Vanilla is like 5 years? Hunter told me he is not even taking orders maybe 3 years. I’ve ordered a geekhouse which Marty says 1 year…

  • adanpinto

    Beautiful bike. Love the simplicity of the build and the paint. Not a great fan of long chainstays on road bikes though.

  • Trenton South

    Loving this bike. Big frames always look better than smaller frames, and those conti’s look real fine when mounted properly

  • -Steven

    dude’s finna pick a fight with those white socks though

  • kasual

    Nice whip! Mash donut top cap game v strong

  • Tyler Johnson


  • Ian Stone

    4 Seasons > Gatorskins

    • Bradley Tompkins

      +1 I’ve ridden both and the performance difference is remarkable. I have 28mm 4 seasons on my EVO and love them.

      • Ian Stone

        Bought my CAAD10 second hand with 28 Gators and switched them to 4 Seasons in the same size. Ride so much better and are just as durable for all purpose street riding.

    • David

      Yup. I’m done with Gators. 4seasons 25mm, best road tire I’ve ever had.

      • Just wait until you go 28mm at 60psi.

        • David

          That’s so pitted and committed. Not sure I can hang. Maybe…

  • ADAM

    luv dis

  • Bradley Tompkins

    So fine…..love olive being used on bikes now.

  • Sebastian


  • Márton Sógor

    This bike has style. Its’s so good, I would eat it.

  • Western Rapid

    Does David have an Instagram? I wanna see some pics of that bike out in the wild…