All-City Cycles: New Paint and Frame Revisions for 2015 Feb 24, 2015




All-City has been busy revising their current frame offerings and designing new paint schemes for each of their bikes. What you’re seeing above are the new Macho King Disc with external cable routing, a Nature Boy Disc with a black paint job and the beloved Space Horse in silver.

For more details and sneak peeks at other paint designs for 2015, head over to the All-City Blog.

  • Tyler Morin

    As someone who owns a nature boy zona, one of the reasons I purchased the frame was because of the paint scheme, black with silver. I personally think they’ve taken a step backward with the fade paint schemes, but that’s just me. It’s definitely been a major factor in me deciding not to purchase a macho king.

  • Cooper Mittelhauser

    I had been rueing purchasing a LHT instead of the Space Horse, but with that new (hideous, purely ATMO) color I don’t feel bad anymore.

    I suppose I can be grateful that the new colors they’ve selected over the past year or so has helped to curb my bike lust.

    • pedallinsquares

      Photos never do paint much justice and the amount of sparkle and depth in most All City paint in particular. Space Horse comes in 2 colours not just the silver above.

      • Cooper Mittelhauser

        I’ve owned three different All-City bikes and a large number of my friends ride All-City frames. I’m familiar with the sparkle. I would much prefer paint that has color AND sparkle to the current grey, black, and white offerings, which I personally find exceptionally unexciting.

        • pedallinsquares

          Apologies if you took offence to my opinion. I partly agree with you- I had a Big Block in maroon/crimson and loved the colour and sparkle.

    • Adrian Alday

      also, more fades and less tips!

  • Andrew Deane

    I like the fade paint jobs and especially the silver/dark silver paint fade on my Macho King, but I am glad I got mine before they reverted to external cable routing. This seems like an odd thing to change. I run a 1×11 and don’t use the internal routing, but if I revert to a 2×11 (a distinct possibility) I would prefer the internal routing. Also, I much prefer that my RD cable runs along the underside of the down tube. It is cleaner looking and leaves the top tube nice and sparse. The new configuration just looks cluttered and dated.

    • mywynne

      Funny, I have the exact opposite feeling! I love my Macho King, but I think I would prefer the non-internal routing for 1x (currently 2×10, but I kind of want to go 1×10). The downtube routed cables make for a hassle when cleaning thick, pine needle filled mud. And I do wish I had the replaceable derailler hanger! I do prefer my silver/grey fade though.

      • Andrew Deane

        It’s true that the mud cleaning issue can be a drag, but I still like the look of a clean top tube. I am on the fence about the replaceable hanger. I have bashed up the hangers on lots of MTB’s but never on a CX bike. I have to wonder if the additional strength of a steel hanger is a plus. Bent steel hangers can always be straightened. Sometimes ALU hangers seem to crack if the breeze is blowing the right direction.

    • Adrian Alday

      racing in mud and shouldering, i much prefer top tube routing.

  • Kay Cheon

    Wait…Macho King and Nature Boy disc models come with Clement MXP off the rack?

  • Finally! I require dark / simple paint jobs for a commuting bike. Now I can finally do a fixed gear Nature Boy with 40c Schwalbe Marathon Mondials.

  • bongofruit

    I wish they would make an orange, red, brown, and yellow paint scheme called “Macho Nacho”

  • Bradley Tompkins

    Kinda wish they did a refresh of the Mr. Pink….

    • pgoretraill

      All City only redo the CX stuff at Frostbike time, road and track stuff is released around July with Saddle drive. This allows CX stuff to ship in time for CX season.

  • TJ Ivy

    The new paint schemes are boring to me. Gimme some pizazzzzz baby! booyah!