Above Category: Baum Turanti Feb 27, 2015



There’s something so boss about an oversized titanium frame, especially with Baum‘s own unique selection. It looks like you can throw anything at it. Dirt rides down fire roads and cross races beware! This Turanti from Above Category fits the bill, right down to that blue paint and red anodized components. Check out more of this Bike of the Week at Above Category.

  • hans

    super proportional looking bike, just looks right

  • Bradley Tompkins

    If only I were a billionaire…..I would have every bike you post, John……every. single. one.

  • D0rk

    There are bikes that make you moan pleasurably in your head, and then there are the ones where you actually let out an audible moan. At work. This is the latter.

  • Matt Long

    beefy. love it

  • Armand

    Oh my. Definitely the nicest I’ve seen on here in a while