Butchers and Bicycles: MK1 Tilt-Action Cargo Trike from Copenhagen Feb 22, 2015

Copenhagen knows a thing or two about cycling. Both as individual transportation and carrying cargo. The Butchers and Bicycles MK1 tilt-action cargo trike offers a new perspective on urban mobility. Available in black or white, with dealers in Europe and the USA. Each trike is made by hand in Copenhagen’s meatpacking district. See more at Butchers & Bicycles and a few product photos below.




  • David Spiva

    Am I missing where we can check out the articulated steering?
    That looks like an engineering feat. As far as I know, no other commercially produced trikes use that.
    It’s getting me hot and bothered.

    • Yeah, I was looking for more information on that as well… :-(

  • .,`

    please more box options. something with a little less visual grab and doesn’t look like a toaster.

    • .,`

      not saying i’m not tempted to sell my car and get one…

  • foilpan

    i had great hopes for the onya cycles front-end loader, but it never materialized. emails to them went nowhere. i don’t know if they’re ever going to produce them for sale. https://otherlab.com/projects

    • foilpan

      some good shots of the onya front-end loader steering mechanism are in this guy’s album: https://flic.kr/p/8SFe3G

      i’m guessing costs to import this butchers trike will be killer.