Brooks and Levi’s® Cambium C17 Denim Saddles Feb 2, 2015

denim_saddle (1)

I love the looks (and feel) of this collaboration:

“Brooks England and Levi’s® Commuter™ have teamed up to create a Numbered Limited Edition Cambium C17 Denim Saddle. This release of 1,000 pieces will be exclusively available at the flagship B1866 store in London and the Brooks online shop from the 5th of February, 2015.

This special saddle is manufactured from recycled Levi’s denim utilising the same vulcanisation techniques of the comfortable, waterproof, and long-lasting Cambium C17 original. The used denim was collected at Levi’s Commuter Workspaces in Brooklyn, Los Angeles and London in summer 2014.”

Head over to Brooks England for more information.

  • Ultra_Orange


  • Thomas Alexander Peralta

    Well, that’s one way to avoid marking up your Cambium by riding in jeans.

  • mywynne

    Very cool. Very tempting, actually. Still not sure if I’d be better served by a C15 though…