45NRTH Launches Groomed Singletrack Feb 19, 2015

45NRTH has just launched a new website, profiling various trails throughout the USA. Specifically winter trails maintained for fat bikes. Check out this video and see more at Groomed Singletrack. I’m sure a lot of you are stoked on this. It looks great!

  • This really makes me rethink living so far south.

  • Tommaso Gomez

    Is grooming trails really necessary? It’s totally unsustainable for the same reasons as any ski resort activity – you’re burning gas or diesel in a snowmobile/snowcat groomer. Cycling has made me lose appreciation for skiing because I don’t get the same satisfaction of riding uphill to earn the descent. I still drive to mountain bike trails, but that seems like a necessary evil.

    • A fatbike can really only ride groomed trails. If you try to ride on fresh snow, you just sort of sink. Having the trails groomed helps a lot. Which is why many fatbiking trails are also cross country skiing trails and vice versa.

    • This is like saying that grooming XC ski trails is also “totally unsustainable”. How is driving to the trailhead really much better? Your carbon footprint goes well beyond a few snowmobile laps to keep the bike trails on the ski hill rideable.

  • All I have to say is they look phenomenal in person…

  • Slc29er

    I live 8 miles from Grand Targhee Resort and the trails featured in this video. When the conditions are right you can absolutely rip. the view of the valley below is stunning in real life. Fat biking has made my winters blissful. -And I am a skier. As a powder snob, if its not dumping, I’m riding, not skiing.

  • Chris Valente

    While the video producer in me cringes at the gratuitous over usage of the slo mo, ripping a fatbike in the snow looks really fucking fun.