44 Bikes: Rohloff 29er Feb 23, 2015


When I first came across this MTB on the 44 Bikes Instagram, I immediately was reminded of a 1980’s BMX frame. Turns out, this is for a man entering his retirement in Connecticut. The client approached Kris of 44 Bikes with a few ideas of what he wanted, pointing towards specific products like a Rohloff system, as well as a few color notes, but let Kris and painter Jay Nutini take over from there. The resulting design exudes speed, despite the upright riding position.

For the long term this bike is initially for rails to trail usage and buzzing around town, but it’s infused with true 44 Bikes trail shred-technology so when the client is ready to ride single track, the bike is waiting for him.

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  • Schmeebs

    Narrow-wide on a internally geared bike?

    • Yeah. Pretty common – internal routing is for brake hoses too.

    • overnighter

      yeah… and the chainline is going to be off

      • Sascha Seksneun

        Why would it? Because of the outboard bb?

        • overnighter

          because the rohloff chainline is the same as the outer ring in a triple

          • Hubert d’Autremont

            51mm on the direct mount crank versus 54mm on the hub. That’s only 1.5mm off, it ain’t belt drive…

          • overnighter

            increased chain wear…

          • Hubert d’Autremont

            You are right, honest mistake. But as Kris Said those, spiders can be flipped.

      • Chainline is near perfect. I’ve spaced things accordingly. This crank was chosen for it’s slightly wider tread to accommodate additional heel clearance. Spiderless meant Narrow Wide chainring usage, but the chain / drive train will not be effected long term IMO.

        • overnighter

          details? is the crankset shifted 3mm driveside?

          I’m considering this crank on my bike, very much the same setup as this, but assumed I would have to get the triple spider.

          This is a great build, reasonably light, very low maintenance, bulletproof.

          • Correct: It is shifted to the drive side a touch to make up for the discrepancy. Use RF’s spacers as per their recommendations. But the way the bearing pre-load works, you can actually use some of the supplied spacers between crank/bb cup to essentially “shift” it outboard even more to line things up. Depending on your frame, you can run the spider “backwards” to shift it even more. I also built the frame too, so I work a little magic down there in addition to these steps with the cranks to get good chain line.

  • Some Kid

    people tripping out about 3 mil chainline problems on a bike with 44+ cm chainstays. lol get it together