Wilis’ No 22 Bicycles Broken Arrow Disc ‘Cross

No 22 Bicycles grew from a longstanding framebuilding tradition in Upstate New York. By keeping production of their frames Stateside, they’re able to tweak geometries easily and even develop new models. Their latest addition to the No 22 family is the Broken Arrow disc cyclocross bike.

Developed with the help of Wilis Johnson of Deluxe Cycles, the Broken Arrow was designed to be a racing frame, but as we all know, a cross bike’s versatility is quickly realized as the season comes to a close.

Wilis raced ‘Cross Nats on this bike, as well as shredded trails while he was in town. The subtle branding and black componentry really give this bike a beautiful silhouette and I can’t think of a more appropriate bike for that Cadence x Ritchey stem. Photographing titanium outdoors can be difficult, especially on an overcast day, but these photos came out great. Those who raced Crash Nationals will recognize the bamboo tunnel…

  • Trenton South

    HA, and I thought I was the only one running LOOK S-TRACS!!

    • Those are Time ATAC, but they’re made by LOOK… ;-)

      • Trenton South

        weird, they look just like the S-Trac’s………are they that much better if they’re made by LOOK?

        • Sebastian

          ATACs are great pedals.

        • I only ride ATACs… just stay away from the carbon and Ti ones, ever since LOOK started making them, they freaking suck! I’ve cracked like four pairs. Now I just ride the cheapo ATAC S Rok.

  • Dan Ling

    What bar tape is that?

    • #secrets for now… Don’t worry though, as soon as it’s in stock, I’ll post about it. :-)

    • Matthew Izen

      Looks kinda like some of the Cinelli Volee tapes… at least the “gradient” style.

  • Eddie Barksdale

    Been loving all these dirty well-loved bikes!

  • Papi

    Sharp bike, and nice to see it in its natural habitat. Any idea what brand the bar tape is?

    • Salim Riley

      I think Cadence is about to release it.

  • professorvelo

    Love Thomson, have never loved the look of their layback post. Other than that, a fine example of the beauty of simplicity.

    • I agree on the Thomson post, but good news is I heard sometime in 2015 there is supposed to be an alt version with the setback at the clamp. I for one, would very much love to see that. I hope the rumour is true!

      • professorvelo

        That is good news. Surprising that it would take so long given people must have been running into the issue of maximum insertion…

        which is something I don’t usually say in public.

    • arlcyclist

      Apparently Thomson is still toying with the design, but they released this teaser of their new setback option last summer…

      • Mike Skalnik

        Nice! This is much nicer.

      • professorvelo

        not quite what I expected and a little wonky versus their usually refined design solutions.

        • arlcyclist

          Agreed. Perhaps that’s why it’s still in development. I’m also not very impressed with the teaser of their new crankset…

          • Looks like a Truvativ Stylo circ 2004. Will reserve judgement until I see a silver version w/o a bashring.

        • Was not expecting that at all :(

          • Yeah not a fan of this new one. Personally I love the look of current layback post. It is so uniquely Thomson. That sharp angled break is almost iconic at this point.

      • yikes…

  • Mom’s Spaghetti


  • kasual

    Another fine addition to the No. 22 line-up!

  • Dustin Barrientes

    you or andre the giant need to do a report on this company. i’d like to know more about them, who they are, and where they’re from. their site looks good, their bikes look good. and that topper could be a nice addition to my Gaulzetti.

    • No. 22_Bryce

      Dustin – you can find more info on our blog about the set-up of the company, etc. Long story short, we’re making handmade Ti bikes in Upstate NY as John mentioned, staffed by the key guys of the former Serotta shop.

      Of course we’re happy to converse by phone or email if you’ve got any questions.

  • Ace Metric Cycles

    That thing looks so tough.

  • Matt Long

    love that bar tape !

  • Alex Wichman

    10/10 would ride

  • Bayo30

    Oh my gosh, look so great to ride ! What beautiful frame with amazing work on details!

  • Keith Gibson

    that bar tape tho….

  • Alex Forbes

    I wonder if there are any plans to sell this as a framset only option like their other 2 bikes? It is such a gorgeous machine, and i got to take it for a spin at Crash Nationals, rides like a dream, goes where you’re thinking…

    • If you email them, they’ll sell you a frame.

  • Dang heck

    where oh where can i get that water bottle

    • It’s a @PearlVelo bottle but that shop has since closed its doors. :-(

  • leeon

    this makes me cry and makes me want to sell my soul (and track bike) to the devil for such a superior build

    • Keep the track bike, a demon only needs your soul.

      • leeon

        i’ll remember that next time i’m craving a donut

  • Richard Smith

    Would anybody care to spill the beans on who is building these frames? This is a really tidy build

  • Ryan Morris

    That bar tape is where it’s at!

  • jn

    how much

  • kermitonwheels

    Very cool, that thing has serious stance. Some very interesting shots on this set John. Nice work.

  • Hollis Duncan

    + 1 the bar tape Ima guess Mash it looks like their style

  • Kevin Ehman

    this build is what’s up! beauty

    • Crazy too, it’s mostly their stock build. For $5,500…

      • c_j_drawbridge

        I contacted Mike Smith after seeing this post. They’ll happily build a canti version with Paul brakes for $5200. And Mike was able to convincingly justify every component choice on the base model – I had asked why they choose to sub-out the SRAM CX-1 cranks and use the Praxis Zayante instead for example……..
        So it goes like this – titanium bike with CX-1, Paul canti’s, Thomson throughout including carbon bars, CK headset, Clement MXP,……….$5200…….wow.

  • Boaz

    I ride a no22 Great Divide and couldn’t say a bad word about it, just a truly sick bike. But someone please get me that bar tape

  • Andy Jon

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  • Randy Leifer

    I have had a No22 Arrow for months now. Requested it be fit with ChrisKing mango headsets, and Reynolds Assault SLG clincher disc rims.
    Proud rider….and there’s no other bike like it on the road or trail.

    • Randy Leifer

      Shimano M30 SPD’s, Cateye 750 light, Changed seat from “Fabric (flat)” to a Specialized split-seat. No electronics yet. Because of the (11 speed) CX1 single crank gear, there is no mount for a chain-stay, so a cadence ANT+ might require a cludge. (You can order it with chain-stay mounts, I didn’t)

      • Randy Leifer

        oops, I meant front deraileur mounts….not chain-stay.