Untapped is a Go! Jan 22, 2015


On the bike nutrition is pretty easy these days, but once you weed out all the unpronounceable ingredients, you begin to second guess just how healthy some of it is. Imagine if you could just pull something directly from nature, that gave you energy, had antioxidant power, was delicious and naturally water soluble. That’s the idea behind Ted King’s Untapped.

100% pure Vermont Maple Syrup in easy to carry pouches. Oh and socks and bottles. Head over to Untapped to see the full lineup and ask your shop about carrying it.

  • IR

    Time for a review!

    • Getting some in soon. Although what I will say is having spent my winters and summers in vermont with family, skiing and mountain biking, we used to take tiny jars of syrup with us…

  • I like going to sugar bushes and buying the little maple candies they always have– they’re easy to take on a ride, too. Maybe that’s a Canadian thing and you guys will have no idea what I’m talking about.

    I do love those socks, though!

  • Adam Hancock

    So stoked that Ted got this company off the ground. I’ve been filling gel flasks with Grade B organic Vermont maple syrup for years. Clean energy with no aftertaste — all while supporting family-owned small agriculture.

  • Elliot Wilkinson-Ray

    YESSSS!!!! EPIC!!!!! RAD!!!!!! http://www.slopesidesyrup.com/