Tomii Cycles: Annie’s Road with Jordan Low Paint Jan 28, 2015



Purple and teal go surprisingly well together, especially when there’s a slick fade happening like on the latest from Tomii Cycles in Austin. Annie’s Road is strikingly beautiful, but don’t say the word “girly”, because I know I’d take pleasure in riding it, as I’m sure you would too. Once again, JL Custom Paint knocked it out of the park.

Check out more at Tomii Cycles’ Flickr.

  • Richard Smith

    These Tomii frames I’ve been seeing lately are really piquing my interest!

  • The details of this bike, both pre-and post-paint, are incredible.

  • kasual

    So dope, a friend has an older Marinoni in a similar colour scheme and it’s one of my favourites.

  • tertius_decimus

    Purple is the best color for bikes.

  • Annalisala

    That’s my beautiful Tomii! Here’s a link to some more pics as well as an explanation for the reason why I chose purple and teal.

  • Velotopia

    I was fortunate enough to help with the paint design on this. I was doing some sketch renderings one day in solid purples/teals, and my wife said, “Nope. She’ll never be happy with how it draws from the crocus unless you create a fade to the paint, like the flower itself has”. So it came to be. The other detail was to create the curved line off the Tomii logo which tied in to the curved-leg fork, and added a more feminine touch.

    The craftsmanship of the frame itself is exquisite. I’m lucky enough to own a Tomii too and I stare at the fillets far too often when I really should be looking at the road.

    I can’t wait to ride alongside it this year.