Ti Cycles Gets Weird Jan 18, 2015

What in the world is going on here? Whatever it is, I’m paying attention, Ti Cycles.

  • asdfsky

    much better than Rapha’s videos.

    • Angelo Medina

      agree 2 agree

  • Mathew Cumming

    I must look like that. Im totally awesome in my own head but lack the skills to be so

  • Kerry Nordstrom

    When there are no more sharks left to jump, be the shark.

  • Wade Stevens

    Just laugh-coughed my Knob.

    • Eric Hancock

      That reads so differently in British English.

      • Lol

      • Wade Stevens

        Could have been worse …
        Just laugh-coughed my Pappy’s Van Winkle

  • boomforeal

    that first wtf was perfection

  • Mom’s Spaghetti