How Stuff is Made with Hope and their Cranks Jan 28, 2015

If you’re into heavy metal making lighter metal with lots of noises and such, well look no further. Personally, I can watch this shit all day. Hope Tech shows us a more in-depth look at their fancy, new, made in the UK cranks.

  • Hamish Mcdougall

    The shot where the cranks come out the anodising tank is pretty damn metal. Hope smashing it.

  • By ‘eck, I’d love a set o’ them cranks fer me push-bike, like.

  • D0rk

    Love Hope products. Might be a while before a new set of wheels for one of my bikes doesn’t come with Hope hubs.

  • Patrick Murphy

    I think what really sets these apart is the Threaded Cockring shown at 0:38

    For the adult half of my comment: did they speed up the video for the laser etching or is it really that fast!?

    • The etching is really that fast. They use a galvo laser where the mirrors move behind a stationary lens. SPEED SPEED SPEED. They’re also more than double the price of a XY axis table what you usually find in commercial engraving places.