Spinlister’s Bike Sharing App

Spinlister‘s been around for a minute and their database of people with bikes to rent has grown considerably. For those not familiar:

“…users can rent bikes in over 55 countries as well as list their own bicycle to start making money when it’s not being used.

All bicycles are insured up to $5,000 USD in over 20 countries. All snowboards and skis are insured up to $1,000 SUP. All surfboards, surf gear, and standup paddle boards (SUP) are insured up to $2,000. in other countries. List (spinlister.com/list) your bicycle today to start making money and meet awesome people. Rent a ride in over 55 countries today.

All bicycles are insured up to $10,000 USD in over 60 countries.”

It’s an interesting concept and if anything, I’m sure you’ve all got a bar bike you’d rent out to a stranger.