Royal H Cycles: John’s Belt Drive Rohloff Jan 29, 2015



Photos by Eric Baumann

Belt drive commuters make a lot of sense in cities like Boston and New York. Road grime, dirt, salt and other contaminates hardly effect the system and personally, it’s always interested in seeing this technology paired with a Rohloff on a custom steel bike.

Royal H Cycles keeps me tuned in and this recent project is maddeningly beautiful. See more of it at the Royal H Flickr!

  • Liam Griffin

    That is the cleanest integration of a shift mechanism for a Rohloff on drop bars that I have ever seen. Bravo!

    • Ryan

      I second that. By the way I’m pretty sure it’s a Gilles Berthoud shifter.

      • Michael Ousby

        Yup it’s a GB

  • Maxwell Merkle

    I wish they could figure out a way to make the shifter not look like a lower-end early grip-shifter.

    • +1 – it reminds me of those black and yellow GMC Denali gripshift road bikes that NYC seems to be littered with.

    • Thomas Alexander Peralta

      There are a couple other options, such as this Jtek bar end and Cinq5 thumb shifter. Whether or not either option is cleaner is subject to your aesthetic preferences, though.

  • Ace Metric Cycles

    I’ve been waiting to see a set up with that GB shifter since I first saw it in the EAI catalogue. Very well executed and super clean!

  • Harry

    Fat modern crank against the thin steel frame looks so great!