The Pro’s Closet: Juliana Furtado’s 1990 Yeti FRO with Campagnolo Jan 23, 2015

Boulder, Colorado’s The Pro’s Closet has a veritable vintage mountain bike collection on display, including this ’90 Yeti FRO, build with Campagnolo components. In this video, Juli talks about her career, what matters to her in a mountain bike and what this bike represents.

  • marco primo

    Totally one of my childhood idols. It’s great to get a better sense of who she is/was through the video — that was a lot trickier to do solely via images in MBA…

  • Campagnolo OR looks so good.

  • Apie

    Rad bike! Looks VERY similiar to my Control Tech Homegrown 98. I wonder how close the measurements actually are