Porcelain Rocket’s New MCA Handlebar Bag and Micro Panniers Jan 20, 2015



Porcelain Rocket’s line of bikepacking and touring bags continues to grow and improve upon itself. Replacing the Mission Control bar bag comes the MCA, which utilizes a front-loading 5-15L dry sack, rather than the old side-loading bag. Also new to the lineup are the Micro Panniers. Intended for rear-racks only, these bags are perfect for commuting or when you need just a little more room for those longer expeditions.

Both are now available for ordering at Porcelain Rocket.

  • marco primo

    I’d recognize that blue wall anywhere. I can almost smell the chicken guts from here. Great stuff from Porcelain Rocket, as always.

  • That handlebar bag looks excellent. My bike has no rack mounts and I had to fashion one of these using straps and a compression sack to do some lightweight bike touring over 3 days. I could get one change of clothes, some lightweight shoes and toiletries inside. Was just big enough and didn’t affect the steering too much. I ended up using some ghetto elastic bands to stabilize it. It wasn’t pretty by any means, but it worked great. Very interested in something that is purpose built without having to Macgyver something together at the 11th hour. This looks great, will definitely look into one of these.