Messengers Style from the 1990’s Jan 19, 2015

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New York City is arguably the originator of what has been marketed, packaged and sold as “messenger style.” From alleycats, to messenger bags, a lot of the visual references really took hold in NYC during the 90’s. Many of the faces and names are still in the game today.

Messengers Style is a visual showcase that illustrates what people rode and looked like in the NYC messenger community during the 90’s. This book is one that’s eluded my private collection for some time, until recently, and for those who haven’t been able to acquire a physical copy, there’s a scanned copy at Stampsy. Who needs Vogue’s interpretation of this? This is the real deal.

If you jump on it quick, there’s a used copy at Amazon right now.

  • Ian Guignet-Simpson

    i have this book. so rad.

  • Mom’s Spaghetti


  • Robert

    Hell yeah at Leo with that Earth Crisis sticker.

  • Christopher Sans

    Snatched it for $4 shipped. Thanks Dudes!

  • nicod

    Is that a young George Hincapie?

  • Alta

    I don’t think Squid ages….

  • Emil Holt

    Nice Botch shirt and ExC sticker :)

    • Josh Anderson

      First thing I noticed, too. Botch was amazing.

  • Kevin Squid Bolger

    that book! at the time it was just another photographer trying to get some pics. Almost turned it down but Phillip was mad cool and persistent. I was thrown out of the book release party with him and everyone else haha! They had a liquor sponsor and an open bar. Cops, ambulances, etc. Only person to go to the hospital was a bouncer..

  • David

    Just got one for six shipped. Super good.

  • JP Bevins

    I have some crazy backstory and some history to this book I’ve been sitting on for a while now. Was saving it with some other stories I’ve been working on for a bit. Would love to share some time.