Manual for Speed: Shibori Reflective SPEED Shirt Jan 27, 2015


By using the old Japanese method of Shibori tie-dye and reflective printing by ICNY, these new Manual for Speed shirts take your casual wardrobe to new levels. Problem is, they’re probably going to sell out faster than you can say SPEED 3x…

  • shapethings

    The look books for Manual for Speed are genius — absurd, surreal, hilarious.

  • Matt

    $50 for a t shirt! lammmeee

    • Feel ya, I wanted one too. But you gotta consider, MFS doesn’t own a t-shirt factory and selling a few shirts is like fundraising for all the awesome coverage we get on a website for free. When you buy a shirt for $50, you are supporting the cause.
      Also, that shirt is really damn cool.

      • quesofrito

        thanks tucker. i’m happy to see your (correct) perspective. also, the tshirt cost A LOT to make. the hand dye process is really expensive. also, the fashion models demanded on huge day rates. =)