Independent Fabrication for 45NRTH Jan 26, 2015



Built for 45NRTH, the brand behind all that rad footwear and tires, this Indy Fab Chubby D-Lux will be getting broken in at the Polartec Winter Fatbike Series. I really want to see how this frameset builds up. For now, we’ll just have to ogle the frameset photos at the IF Blog.

  • Tyler Morin

    So so so good!

  • Greg Ralich

    If Dylan will be riding this then that’s just about the tightest thing I’ve ever heard!

  • recurrecur

    love my 45nrth shoes & gloves so far this winter.

    Are they their own company, or is there a parent company (like Surly/Salsa/Soma)?

    • Ryan B Cate

      Same ownership as salsa and surly

      • recurrecur

        good to know. I still like their stuff, just good to know a bit of the story behind the company.

  • m f

    Funny that IF builds a bike for a company that has 6 in-house bike brands at its disposal. Even the almighty QBP knows where to get a good bike…