Funeral Cycling: The Shroud of Darkness Jan 16, 2015

The KVLT homies at Funeral Cycling in KANADA are up in the Mountains of Madness preparing for battle. Or maybe they just like riding bikes in their new rad kits? Check out their pre-order at Funeral.

  • That is some good stuff right there.

  • Matt Long

    Love FC vids.

  • Matt

    Super serious stuff

  • carchiba

    so good!

  • Jake B Sorensen

    Is it weird that I feel superstitious about riding with the word “Funeral” on me? I love the vibe and gear, its just the word that gets to me :(

    • That’s kind of the point… When wearing this kit vehicles give me MUCH more space on the road and other cyclists get a good laugh as they get passed. SWERVE.