English Cycles: Steve’s Two Face Flat Bar Super Commuter Jan 18, 2015



Oh my… English Cycles is most known for crazy experimental TT road frames, as per their recent NAHBS exhibition machines, yet they still dabble in daily riders and lightweight road frames. This bike, however seems to be dealing with a severe case of flash and that’s not a bad thing. Steve’s flat bar road is one of the raddest bikes I’ve seen come from English since that wild TT bike they debuted at NAHBS two years back.

See more of this insane machine at English Cycles.

  • Noel Smith


  • Check out the rest of Steve’s bikes on his Instagram: http://instagram.com/stevey565

  • Mom’s Spaghetti


  • Two tone magic.

  • Richard Smith

    I’m an ENORMOUS fan of Rob English’s fantastical creations. They’re so unique and distinctive to look at, yet they’re obviously tools precision built to perform a very specific job.
    I’m not sure about this one. What is it for?

  • awesometown

    This thing looks ready to crush the hipster charity century circuit. Is rapha also now making retro reproductions of primal wear jerseys? What weird world did I just waked up to?

  • Jordan Slone

    Anyone who rides that to work is an asshole.

  • Felix

    you could yell “i’m a poser and i have no taste whatsoever!” to everyones face. or you could just buy something like this.
    but i guess it won’t be seeing much road anyways.
    craftsmanship aside, this thing is just ridiculous.

  • James Carota

    what’s up with all the hate?

  • Stevey565

    yeah exactly….why all the hate? This is not a commuter, its a road race bike with flat handlebars. It has a twin curved top tube inspired by ‘Retrotec’ and a paint job inspired by ‘Stoemper’. I like colorful bikes, don’t ride this bike to work, and am not an asshole…but thanks.

    • I think it’s a totally rad bike, which is why I posted it. Sorry the comments turned out so sour, I didn’t notice until now. :-(

      • Stevey565

        Thanks John. I really like your website and was stoked you posted my bike. I agree, it is a totally unique and rad bike!

  • Andy Brown

    i’d ride the fuck out of it.

  • ride7895

    No hate – reminds me of a Retrotech. I am liking this one, but the color(s) are giving me an ice cream headache. ..