Endo Customs Launches New Website and Brand Lineup Jan 22, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 2.11.13 PM

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 2.11.29 PM

Endo Customs makes performance cycling wear in downtown Los Angeles. For the past few years, amidst all the custom orders they’ve filled, Endo has been working on their own, unique Brand lineup. Now, for the first time, Endo’s in-house brand is available for purchase. Including base layers, jerseys, bibs, t-shirts and water bottles. I gotta say, I’m stoked to see this patten finally on some apparel. It’s been hanging in the Endo shop for over two years!

Head over to Endo Customs now to check out their full brand lineup.

  • odenator

    Great that Endo is doing a in-house brand now. Floral vests is going to be a 2015 thing, I guess. Jaggad is doing it too.

    • Endo’s is a base layer

      • odenator

        Ah very true, my bad. Then might as well double them up. Floral base and floral outer!

    • FF

      floral print was a thing last year and freddie merckx executed it perfectly, endo is doing a hawai’i shirt with that print.
      leave the design guys for someone else and just make the product.

  • It’s all so rad!

  • finally!

  • Hubert d’Autremont

    So what is the deal with Endo, are they still doing custom? I tried to get them to do a run of jerseys for me about a year ago, but they said they were only gonna do in house stuff. Since then I have seen a lot of custom stuff. Is there some sort of secret handshake…

    • The last I heard, he’s not taking on new clients. The one’s he’s got are keeping him plenty busy.

      • FF

        nobody ever denies on opportunity that’s profitable

  • Spencer Olinek

    Sick. Any idea if there are plans for short- or long-sleeve base layers? Still looking for an American-made option to replace my Cedar Cycling.

  • gutenbergler

    Love this stuff… Would be so stoked if they did a rerun of that long-sleeve camo radavist jersey