What is This, Eddy Merckx? Jan 28, 2015




So, a reader sent this over, with the subject line “I think this is ok to share” and all that was in the body was this photo. A quick glance at the Eddy Merckx Facebook reveals it’s a tig-welded steel bike, commemorating Eddy’s 70th birthday, which would make sense, but details like pricepoint, country of origin, tubing, etc, etc, etc, seem to be missing.

Personally, I’d rather see a lugged Columbus frame with a steel fork. As far as pricepoint, I’m gonna guess this bike is upwards of $10k, complete… Does anyone have any more information on this?

Turns out, Peloton has the full scoop. Head over there to see more information. It’s stainless steel, hence the tig welding and made in Belgium. Oh and it’s $17k!

  • Mike Kimbro
    • Stainless, made in Belgium, full high end campy group, makes sense.

      • Mike Kimbro

        And they’re only making 70 of them. It’s a cool bike, for sure. My first thought was they’ll be expensive wall-hangers, but I guess if you’ve got the means to drop that kinda coin on a bike, you wouldn’t be scared to ride the shit outta it!

  • Mika Lebbe

    Yup it’s true , here is a promo clip of the bike


  • really not digging the paint… the rest is really cool

    • tertius_decimus

      It’s Faema historical scheme.

  • David Dang

    No custom geo for 17k…

  • professorvelo

    I think the thing to note is that these are the kickoff to a line of performance steel frames – which is fairly cool. Sort of in the same category as the LeMonds. For the money I would still buy custom, but it’s nice to see the interest in high-end production steel frames – especially with the kind of old skool cred these bring.

  • Noel Smith


  • kasual

    Merckx cachet is undeniable, but for 17k I could be riding a fully custom Firefly.

    Still, no doubt they will sell them all and it’s nice to see a steel bike associated with the legend,
    as @professorvelo noted.

  • jeff beeston

    I get a kick out of these responses. To be frank…unless Richard Sachs starts building these things, there isn’t a custom builder that can hold a candle to the quality that these will come out at. Keep it mind at that $17K includes a $4k+ wheelset and $3K gruppo, topped off with another gr in seatpost, stem and bar. Not too mention the guy that makes this thing has been welding steel frames for longer most of you have been alive. This thing deserves the price (wish I could have one).

    • FAT999

      I’d back my Llewellyn against this (and a Sachs) for quality any day. And it fits me. Not that it matters, I don’t see these Merckxs getting much road time so the fit is barely relevant…

    • aradilon

      3k Groupset, it’s a limited edition groupset (it has the eddy 70… logo on it) from Campag and they don’t do it for everyone so it’s really more than a standard group.

    • kasual

      Maybe, but I would be hard pressed to say the quality of this frame is that much better than an IF, Waterford or Firefly for significantly less money for a fully custom frame set.

    • Germanflea

      sorry but no bike is worth 17k

    • Andy P

      Even with your breakdown its a $9000 frame. $9k for 3 steel triangles welded together? give me a break.

  • DominicBruysPorter

    I really dig some of the details. For instance the band clamp, and stem topcap, and the finish on the post and bar. good show.

  • tertius_decimus

    Now original Eddy Merckx Corsa in Faema colors sells for $2000 on ebay. That’s first. Second, you can order one-of-a-kind frame set for 1/4 of the price of this limited edition rip-off. Custom geometry, custom paint, custom everything.

    Too little for astronomical price tag. Sloping top tube and carbon fork are meh.

  • ABW

    I love the indignation when people get confused about “price” and “value”. Price is a number. Value is a perception. You can argue about value all you want, but you’re not right, you just have an opinion about what you personally value. You don’t think this is worth it? Great! Don’t buy it.