Don’t Forget About Fat Chance on Kickstarter Jan 18, 2015

There are only 21 days left to support Fat Chance’s return on Kickstarter. Maybe you’ve seen this video, or maybe you haven’t, but hopefully it’ll answer some questions. Fat Chance will be making their frames in the USA. That is confirmed. Head over to the Fat Chance Kickstarter to help out. Man, that frame is tempting!

Also, shouts to Brendan Shafer for supplying Chris with all the modern action video spots!

  • Schmeebs

    Who is going to build the frames?

    • They’re USA made for the first batch. Then Chris will make them.

      • Schmeebs

        Cool! I would do anything for one of the Fat Chance frames that Gary Helfrich built.

  • ah, I thought it looked like Brendan. makes sense…