Do You Have Your Death Before Discs T-Shirt? Jan 14, 2015


Tired of the industry always switching technology up on you? Sick of hearing those squealing disc brakes on the cross course behind you? Or hearing people talk about how “cantis suck?” Don’t like the added weight? Or having to bleed them? Or maybe you just don’t need ’em. “Cross bikes look so great with cantis!” What’s next? Dropper posts? Suspension? Full face helmets? Baggies? Where does it end? Downhill crossie races? Is it just too much? Why don’t the Europeans use them? Don’t fondo my crossie, bro!

Whatever the reason, I couldn’t help but be stoked on these new Death Before Discs shirts, even if, yeah, disc brakes aren’t so bad. Scoop up a shirt or a sticker pack at Death Before Discs and remember guys, it’s all in good fun…

  • Jon B.

    Can we please have, “Don’t fondo my crossie, bro” shirts?

  • Tyler Johnson

    Thank you for this description. Today has been insane at work and I needed that laugh on lunch!

  • Dobry

    Does anyone else think “crossie downhill races” actually sound like a lot of fun?

    • Nick Valdes

      Hell ya!

      Also, this shirt is perfect. Thanks for sharing John!

  • Lemontime

    What if I put it on my bike with discs? WHAT HAPPENS THEN?!

  • charlesojones

    I’ve had more difficulties speeding up than slowing down on the cross bike. Cantis are fine for me.

  • Andrew Deane

    I would buy one, but I am saving up for a ‘Death Before Penicillin and the Controlled use of Fire’t-shirt. It’s hard out here for a Luddite.

    • don’t forget your ‘Death before Internet’ and ‘Death before eight speed’ shirts!

  • Ross Weller

    I think this one better speaks to my experience with cross rim brakes…

  • Our Fortress Is Burning

    Riding in the Pacific Northwest, you come to appreciate discs. The shirt is nice though.

  • Mom’s Spaghetti

    I’d like that Surly Mantra on a t-shirt with a line added for Disc brakes. This ‘x sucks use y’ stuff is making my penis soft.