Daimo’s Mosaic XSS-1 Singlespeed Cross Team Single Barrel

I tell ya, these Mosaic XSS-1 cross bikes are unforgettable. Except, I kinda forgot about posting this one. Sorry guys! Aaron and the crew at Mosaic do a superb job on these bikes, which they make for some of their local racers on a team they’ve come to call Team Single Barrel. There’s also Team Small Batch, but Single Barrel is their SSCX team. It’s a pretty rad concept, which you can read up about at Mosaic.

Now onto this bike. Daimo is, from what I could gather anyway, quite a character. The first thing he said to me was something along the lines of, “don’t forget to photograph the best finishing tape job on the team.” All It needs is some shallac! Anyway, Daimo’s bike came together great but it wouldn’t have been possible without support from Shimano USA, Chris King and PRO Bike Gear… and yes, tying off the bar tape was a nice touch. It’s not too early to be thinking about a custom cross frame from Mosaic. Holler at the boyz. For more inspiration, check out Aaron’s own suped-up XSS-1.

  • Colin Williams

    Nice build Daimo. You should mention Daimo is a pro race mechanic and shop owner ;).

  • Andrew Deane

    Nice bike. What’s up with the gold string on the bar tape? Is that simply decorative or does it replace tape or those adhesive strips that come with the bar tape. Is there some string binding thing I am unaware of?

    • Matt Hogan

      It replaces the adhesive tape and looks a bit more classy. I usually only see it on cloth bar tape with shellac to seal it all up.

    • Tim Guarente

      If you want to learn about it, Rivendell has a write-up on it, and you can order thread from them or places like Velo-Orange. It goes really well with a vintage-style bike, and you don’t end up with adhesive all over the end of your tape. I’ve never found the finishing tape that’s included with bar tape to be acceptable – I either tie or use my own electrical tape (which you can color match sometimes).

    • Lachlan ‘Pinto’ Davis

      No more difficult to learn than wrapping the bar tape itself, and it doesn’t need shellac to be secure. The next bike i build with cork tape is going to get twine too, it’s nicer and tougher than electrical tape.

  • mywynne

    Soooooo effing good.

  • Kerry Nordstrom

    Illegal Pete’s Big Fish Burrito is the TRUTH!

  • simonnix

    Nice. I like a bit of non-flush component brand action. I wonder if the Ultegra crank is because GXP isn’t spacer friendly for chainline adjustment. Whatever. Looks sweet.

  • Harry

    Ultegra 6800 looks perfect as a single!

  • Matt

    disc mount is pretty bizarre,

    • carl bradtmiller

      but it allows for any configuration of drop out, thru-axle, hanger and/or rotor size you could dream of, now or in the future. pmw ftw

      • Aaron Beasley

        also keeps the disc aligned with the caliper as the axle shifts from use. I got it on my mtb and I love it.

  • kasual

    so turns out twine on bars not wrapped in cloth looks great and that white/gold colour combo is on point.

  • AidanNW

    On point.

  • Andy Jon

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