Cyclocross Nationals Cancelled Because of Mud Jan 11, 2015


… well, not because of mud, but because of damage to Zilker park and its trees.

Although USAC’s site says the races today are delayed, sources at the course have reported it’s cancelled due to damage to the park.

Straight out of an Onion article, the irony here is that music festivals like ACL and SxSW cause more damage to the parks here in Austin, expedite erosion and in general, thrash the town, yet a bike race in a small part of a park that no one uses gets shut down by Parks and Rec.

… or we can just say it’s cancelled because of mud. Check out a BTB TV report going live in a few.

Stay tuned on Twitter for news, because I’m going riding.

UPDATED: the race has been postponed for tomorrow at noon!

  • Samuel Lopez

    Lets rage.

  • chris campbell

    So embarressing for our town….

  • [email protected] would be the person to complain to… use this image as a reference, for ACL…

    • cookietruck

      ^ that’s a different part of zilker (i’m pretty sure, not positive coz i’ve never gone near ACL fest).
      the course for the CX race was rad, but they took a risk with the location given the weather forecast and the proximity (150 yards from the entrance give or take) to such a historic site.
      lets face it, there are still lots of old austin hippy people that live in the ‘hood right above barton springs, and they complain about ACL just like they are doing with the CX race.

  • leeon

    The world has been so satirical recently.

  • Simon Schnyder

    Europe is laughing at America right now…

  • #OutsideIsFree… or Nah?

  • Looks like your update link is 404ing… Here’s what I found:

  • Matt

    UPDATE: All mountain biking events, ever, to be canceled due to roots on the course, sorry! Good direction of focus too, canceling a bike race to ‘save’ a few trees from the fate of a damaged root, all the while ignoring the existence of a logging industry.

    • cookietruck

      bro, in austin heritage trees aren’t victim to logging. a homeowner can’t even remove a heritage tree on their own lot without approval from the city. sucks that it got shut down but nobody could foresee this happening while they were taping up the course around all the heritage oaks and pecans???

  • nicod

    I always thought baseball was the only sport lame enough to cancel because it is raining. Now we can add cyclocross to that list.

  • Spencer Counthis

    im so bummed i couldn’t stay another day

  • Lars

    Do you think you would be able to do a short photo set of the damage the race did to the park after the crews break down the course?

  • Patti Rides

    Hopefully the races will still be run. The National Championships in the Netherlands went on despite rain and very deep mud, there was more running and riding going on.