Chris’ Davidson Impulse Road with Campy 10-Speed

In Seattle, a local staple has closed its doors. Back in September of last year, Elliott Bay Bicycles, home of Davidson Cycles, shut down. Luckily the in-house brand of frames, made by hand since 1973, by Bill Davidson lives on.

Even though Davidson is a Seattle-based framebuilder, his work can be seen from coast to coast, from vintage steel to modern composite. Although Bill only currently offers road frames, he makes them in a variety of materials. As a Davidson customer, you can chose between composite, steel or titanium, all of which are done in house. While the modern bikes have their own character, there’s something about a frame from the late 80’s and early 90’s. They all have a certain finesse that’s harder to achieve these days with modern materials.

This particular frame was most likely made in the mid to late 1980’s, if the 1″ threaded steerer and internally-lugged unicrown fork is any indication. Chris scored it off eBay as he was looking for a traditionally lugged frame to kick around town on. Fit with a mix of Campagnolo 10-speed, the bike looks like a classic road from the 80’s, yet has the technology from a modern road group.

Bottom line, she’s a looker. See more in the Gallery.

  • Erik B

    Should be a tag for all the bikes he’s had on here.

  • Kyle Kelley

    This bike is TITS!

  • thebennonite

    Cool bike! I’ve seen those campy decals on a few bikes. Any idea where they come from?

  • mywynne

    Pretty stinking rad. I am going to be so bummed when my 10sp Campy finally dies…

  • Serling

    Davidson is actually opening his own shop right next door to the LBS I work for. He’ll be sharing a space with Kallaway from 333 Fab. Super excited to have them both as neighbors to our shop in Seattle.

    • That’s so good to hear!

    • Steve Clay

      Super stoked to see how that new shop shakes out! Max is a rad dude and puts together some cool machinery.

      Sending good vibes your way for working at Recycled by the way, I’m inbound to rummage through your parts bin this afternoon in fact.

  • Damn that paint!

  • James Moore

    This bike is seriously gorgeous. And I’m super jealous in a good way because this setup is basically exactly what I’ve been wanting to do to my Peugeot. Right down the the h+son tb14 rims and clement gum walls. Brilliant and beautiful. I love it.

  • Covering up the clement decals, so stealthy… just jealous

  • That bottle!

  • Masterchief

    No shots of the fork crown? :(

    • It’s an internally lugged fork crown. Shot #6 shows everything there is.

    • see above.

  • Guest

    dat fork ! too bad 4 the lack of shotz

    • what lack of shots? There’s a crown shot and a rake shot. What else do you need for a photo of a fork? Here’s another angle of the same detail… ;-)

  • olive

    dat fork ! genius graphix too.

  • Andy Jon

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  • AidanNW

    Tom Cruise in good taste in Bicycles and bad taste in cults.

  • clownboytad

    Found a like new late 80’s Davidson Impulse with Dura Ace 7402 groupo. A new friend wants me to sell it for him. It is ridiculous!!!!! When I say like new, it is like new. Not a scratch on the frame, the groupo is like new. No corrosion or anything. Frame matched painted frame pump. He said he only rode it a few times. Needs new bar tape, cable/housing(due to sitting but still, no corrosion), new saddle, new tubular tires. Anyone interested? It is here in Austin, TX…