Bigger is Better with Velo Orange’s Mojave Cage Jan 29, 2015


The need to carry things bigger than your standard water bottle quickly becomes apparent when you’re bikepacking or touring in remote areas. A giant canister (32oz or 40oz) like a Nalgene, or the like can go a long ways, which is why I’m really loving the variety of larger cages we’re seeing spring up in the market.

Velo Orange’s Mojave Cage takes note of the elegance found in vintage cages and adds a bit of girth-gulping versatility with its large diameter opening. See more at Velo Orange.

  • carchiba

    Will it fit a 40oz beer?

    • Euphorbia73

      Fits a nalgene, and a 40 oz kleen kanteen right perfect.

  • Tyler Johnson

    Really dig the design of these.

  • charlesojones

    Cleaner lines that some of the other over-sized cages.

  • Scott

    Really love that crossover design. Multiple mounting slots on the big one look great too!