The Athletic for the Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team Jan 7, 2015


Just in time for Nationals, the Athletic dropped their collaboration with the Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team. Available in four colors, designed after each of the team’s bikes and in stock now at the Athletic.

  • damn nice

  • Joe

    Love the attention to detail with the packaging sleeve. Usually you’d just rip it off and toss it away, but here I’m not so sure. Also, how cool would it be as a racer to have your own sock?

  • Keith Gibson

    these look great.

  • Patrick Murphy

    Killer. Although I kinda wish they sold a 4-pack, one sock of each color, like the LAX combos. $70 for all 4 pairs is hard to stomach in one sock-purchasing binge.

  • Garrett Kautz

    One of my favorite designs I’ve seen. I like all of Jeremy’s socks, but this collab is insanely good.