The 2015 Rouge Roubaix Builder Challenge Jan 13, 2015


With the success of last year’s event, a bunch of us got talking and cooked up this idea:

Argonaut Cycles, Mosiac Bespoke Bicycles and Breadwinner Cycles are proud to announce The 2015 Rouge Roubaix Builder Challenge. Each builder will bring a team of 4 to race in this years Rouge Roubaix. One slot on each Builder Team is up for grabs, and we want you to come ride with us! We are looking for a motivated, experienced racer to join each team. We could not think of a better way to highlight these special bikes than putting them to the test on a 106 mile grueling gravel race. Come ride with us!

Each builder will select one applicant and build them a complete Custom Dream Bike, and fly them down to race the Rouge Roubaix which takes place on Sunday March 15th in St. Francisville Louisiana. Applicants must be over 18 years of age and live in the USA. Applicants must also hold valid USA Cycling license for the category of the Builder Team they select and be able to travel to the race. Submission Deadline is Monday Jan 19th with the winners being announced publicly on Friday Jan 23rd.

John Watson from The Radavist will be on hand documenting the teams, the bikes and the race as well as other media outlets. In addition, Chris King is sending head chef Chris Diminno along to keep racers and media well fed during the weekend.”

Learn more at the Rouge Roubaix Builder Challenge webpage!

  • Matt DeMartino


  • Joe

    I’m too Canadian and slow to qualify, but man, what an awesome opportunity.

  • Tyler Johnson

    I want to do this so bad, too bad I don’t have a UCI license.

    • There are USAC races that weekend too… You don’t have to do the challenge.

      • Tyler Johnson

        Awesome. I think I might try to make this happen finishing my wraith disc road up next week!

        • Tyler Johnson

          I think I’m going to try and do this. They said one day USAC pass would work for the challenge! Stoked.

  • Garrett Johnson

    As a Louisiana-ian, I’m glad that you’re covering this amazing race (again)! I can’t wait to see the photos.

  • Todd Hauber

    Applied. Very cool idea!



  • Ben Grenier

    Applied to this thing. Cyclist’s dream.

  • Tiger

    You should take last year’s gran fondo winner! Throw that guy a bone!