Up Up Up Dec 4, 2014

Here’s a great little video showcasing a sweet hill climb competition.

  • Matt

    fixed not a disadvantage? hopeless romantic.

    • Ever climb a hill with someone on a SS / fixed?

      • Matt

        Not since the days I rode fixed… and in those days I too was in a hopeless romance

        • Ever MTB with someone on a SS? Are they hopelessly romantic too? Or just fitter and faster?

          • Matt

            When someone wins a grand tour on a fixed gear I’ll see the advantage. Ofcourse if it’s just up a hill which doesn’t vary and your bike has the perfect gear ratio it’s gonna work. How about getting to the hill? Or what if there’s, wait for it, a flat section? How’s 250rpm cadence sound? How about 500 rpm cadence going down said hill with climbing gearing? Advantages…?

          • Kelvin Mai

            You’ve completely missed the point to this whole video!

          • “The 1903 Tour de France was the first Tour de France”

            “The 1936 Tour de France was the first to allow derailleur changing at any level.”

            So the first 30 winners of the Tour all won it riding fixed/SS. Get your head out your fucking ass.

          • Matt

            damn, i stand corrected.

          • How’s “fun” for a concept?

          • Rob Borek

            Flat or downhill? In an event which is a hill climb? Not likely. As I have already said, national championships have been won on fixed many times. Do a bit of research before dismissing it as hopeless romanticism.

    • Rob Borek

      Not if you’ve got a big bag of sprockets, pick the right one, and the gradient is reasonably consistent.

      • William Rupert Hibberd

        Great Job Rob! You need to lend me some of those sprockets and pull me up a hill fixed soon!

  • Guest

    That “famous cyclist” he refers to was Greg Lemond.

  • Michael Smelser

    That “famous cyclist” he refers to was Greg Lemond..