The Team Mudfoot Stinner Cyclocross Frameset

Geoff McFetridge is a longtime legend in my book. Growing up skateboarding in the 90’s, there were a handful of artists that always had their finger on the pulse. Everywhere you looked, he was doing illustrations, or projects with brands like Nike – those Vandals were my favorite. About 6 years ago, Geoff, along with some like-minded friends started a team in Los Angeles called Mudfoot.

Years later and the team has grown, racing and riding the roads, courses, tracks and paths of LA and beyond. The team, it turns out, is a highly successful brand as well, planning rides in Los Angeles and selling out instantly of any good or product they list on their site. All of which is designed by Geoff.

Last year, the team looked to Santa Barbara’s Stinner Frameworks to design and fabricate a run of team bikes. They were a smash hit and looked exceptionally good bunnyhopping barriers, or taking beer handups. So when this year’s season drew near, Geoff worked with Aaron once again on designing a new frame.

Even though these frames were completed towards the end of the race season, we all know a cross bike is just at home in a race as it is on dirt and trails. I’ve got a few more races here in Austin, as well as Nationals, all of which I’ll be breaking this beaut in. Once it’s built, I’ll give a full parts break down and a proper photoshoot.

Before it got built up however, I took a few minutes to photograph it in my office. See more in the Gallery!

  • The graphics are incredible.

  • Brandon Kline

    beautiful bike

  • Chris Klibowitz

    You should talk to Aaron about how those graphics were applied to the frames—it’s crazy.

  • scott

    Love it. The blue is amazing. Thanks for the background on Mudfoot. Been following your site for years but other than associating Mudfoot with LA never really knew what it was.

  • We took an interesting approach to graphics on this bike. Chris K. got to witness it first hand. We wanted to go with a really durable finish on these, so powder coat was a must. The trick with Geoff’s artwork is getting it onto the frames. There are several ways to approach this process and several techniques. I won’t go into to much detail, but when we start these bikes, we don’t know what the artwork is going to look like, which makes it very difficult to plan a finish. Especially when we are trying to stay within a certain price point. We worked closely with our manufacturer of the graphics to ensure we got Geoff’s hand drawn artwork to transfer perfectly. Once these graphics cure on the frame, they are VERY durable. They should last a very long time! They were difficult to get on, but we are very happy with the results!

    • Nick Valdes

      Aaron, care to elaborate on graphics application process? It’s hard to tell from the photos what process was used. They look great.

      • Read Geoff’s comment below.

      • Hey Nick. Its pretty much impossible for me to explain exactly how it goes, but the easiest way for me to sum it up is this. Do you know how a waterslide decal is applied? Its like that, but on EPO or steroids, or whatever your favorite PED is.

  • Thanks for posting… I am excited to see it built… and mine! (Kyle Kelly…)

    For all the projects I work on Mudfoot really stands out. Partially because I find designing kit, and bikes really challenging. So much has been done with bikes, and what looks good I feel is a very narrow target. These are CX race bikes, but the inspiration for the images are from my early first impressions of mountain biking. The impure and often handmade feel of a culture that is still evolving. I love when cultures contaminate each other, so I adapted our Coyote logo into Kokopelli and geckos… hackysack vibes. I thought there would be nothing better than to see a Mudfooter racing for a holeshot with a big peace sign on the head tube.

    • Thanks Geoff!

    • Patrick Estrella

      Thanks Geoff!

  • Tyler Howarth

    What are the chances of seeing a mudfoot bike available to the public?

    • Pretty slim…

      • Tyler Howarth

        Figured. I’ll just have to get myself a Stinner :D

  • Ian Stone

    What RD hanger is that?

    • It’s a Paragon Machine Works hanger. A little longer to allow the guys to use some monster gears if they see fit.

  • Kyle

    Goes without saying that the craftsmanship, paint, art work, and build are fantastic. That being said, thank you for using cantis, threaded BB, and replaceable hangers. It’s these small things that make this bike beautiful, and practical.

  • boomforeal

    pretty frame, pretty paint

  • Davis Yarbrough

    Just went down the rabbit hole while looking at Geoff’s portfolio. So many things that I recognize, but never thought about who might be responsible for them. Living legend status, for sure.