Stanridge Speed’s New Highstreet EVO Model Dec 27, 2014



Inspired by the classic aero, low-pro frames of the 70’s and 80’s, the newest from Stanridge Speed cycles embodies experimental design with modern tubing and profiles. As a nod to the Cinelli Laser and other frames of that era, the Highstreet EVO track will be a new addition to the Stanridge line for 2015.

Stanridge will be making twelve EVOs in a small production run and while they will lack the triple triangles, they will include the head tube gusset and wild paintjob, all made using the same fabrication processes used by Columbus and Cinelli during the Laser era. Those interested in purchasing one of these unique frames may contact Stanridge Speed directly.

  • FF

    said frame was briefly described in lfgss as follows:

  • Akbar Raspati Rajasa

    Somehow, i don’t really find the headtube gusset appealing. it’s like misplaced between those oversized tubes. But still, that is an interesting frame.

  • westley

    When i first saw this model i was in awe. Probably one of the most beautifal bicycles ive ever seen.

  • Some Kid

    stress risers along head tube, top tube, down tube, and non butted section of seat tube. looks cool from 10 feet though.

  • Matt

    Snazzy, but a seat mast wouldve been way more classy

  • Sherwin Ng

    haha EVO….
    if only Adam is more forthcoming on what led to this frame and give credits when its dued instead of being moody and typical of money unlike his old days.