SRAM’s CX1 Force Cassette Gets Bigger with 11-36t Dec 1, 2014

Up from the 36 chambers!

Any numerologist will tell you that 36 is highly significant. It is both the square of 6 as well as what is referred to as a triangular number, resulting in a square triangular number. To top that, 36 is the smallest square triangular number other than 1.

Religious scholars will note its significance throughout early doctrine. In the Midrash, God created light on the first day and it shined for 36 hours. Since we’re near Hannukah, observe the 36 candles. The Māori believe the god Tāne commanded 36 gods to assemble the first human before he would breathe life into her body.

… and of course Wu-tang.

Maybe SRAM is onto something here? Or maybe your cross bike’s CX-1 kit just got a lot more versatile. The CX1 11-36t cassette hits your local bike shop in January, just in time to bring it to Austin for Cross Nats… You’re gonna need it!

  • Robert Franklin

    I wonder: Will this provide a wide enough range for all those cross bikes that are really for gravel/adventure/all road to get rid of that front derailleur?

    • I think with a 38t or 40t up front, yes. I’ve been climbing gnarly shit on my cross bike with a 36t inner ring and a 11-28t cassette for years.

      • Doug Landers

        I ride 36 t up front with 11-36t in the rear. I can pretty much ride up and down anything. Curious what makes the cx1 different than a normal 11-36??

        • Derek

          This is the first 11 speed 11-36t cassette. Range is no different than yours, but the shifts are quicker and more precise. I’m currently running the 10 speed 11-36 XX cassette with a 42t and am loving it, but would love me some 11 speed on my cyclocross like my mountain bike has.

          • Yeah, I have a 10 speed 11-36t cassette on my tourer… Haven’t had any problems with it…

  • Rex Lombardi

    What about the 36 chambers of Shaolin? Fight!

  • Eric Spinney

    My bike is 1×10 with a 42T chain ring with an 11-30 for cyclocross racing, there hasn’t been a race I’ve wanted anything easier in yet! I used an 11-36 that I have for a bit but found myself using the easier gearing too much, therefore making me a slow-poke.

  • BuffaloDaveToGo

    Will we need to wait for a CX1 wifli rear der with a med/long cage?