SRAM Introduces Direct Mount X-SYNC™ Chainrings Dec 16, 2014


SRAM’s X-SYNC™ rings just got more versatile, with the announcement of the new Direct Mount option. With options from 26t all the way to 40t, these 1x rings will fit on any MTB bike in your stable.

Check out the full press-release below and more information at SRAM.


Make SRAM 1x™ even better with the simplicity of the new SRAM X-SYNC™ Direct Mount chainring. Engineered in Germany, the new Direct Mount rings bring lighter weight and greater simplicity to XX1, X01 and X1-1400 cranksets. SRAM’s Direct Mount rings give riders the perfect opportunity for a serious upgrade.

After market cranksets ship with a 32T X-SYNC™ Direct Mount chain ring.

• XX1
• X01
• X1 1400 compatible

• Fully CNC AL rings
• X-SYNC™ technology
• Lighter weight than spider version (~25-50g depending on size)
• Sizes: 26, 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40
• Weights: GXP – 61g (26T), 66g (28T), 68g (30T), 71g (32T), 76g (34T), 91g (36T), 101g
(38T), 119g (40T).
BB30 – 52g (26T), 58g (28T), 61g (30T), 66g (32T), 71g (34T), 82g (36T), 94g (38T),
106g (40T).

Available December: 30, 32, 34
Available April: 26, 28, 36, 38, 40

  • Western Rapid

    I’m a bit clueless about MTB tech – I run XT, is there an official Shimano equivalent yet? They seem pretty slow to the 1x party…

    • No Shimano equivalent.

    • Tommaso Gomez

      XTR has a killer 1X11 line intended for XC racing. As other people have noted, you could run a Wolftooth chainring on lots of different cranks for less than half the cost or XX1 or XTR. It will shift perfectly if you set it up with the right chain line. Also, don’t sweat the difference between 10-speed and 11-speed – you can walk faster than you can pedal in that 42T SRAM granny gear.

    • Morgan Taylor

      Aftermarket narrow wide chainrings down to 30T on 104BCD.

    • carl bradtmiller

      they’re trying to save the front derailleur (and the triple no less) with xtr di2.

  • mywynne

    Ooh, I wonder if I could run one of the larger sizes on my s900 crank on my cross bike instead of spider+chainring…

  • D0rk

    I’m surprised they took so long to take advantage of the ability to direct mount rings to some of their cranks. I absolutely love their looks though. If I wasn’t already sitting on a fresh Wolftooth ring i’d consider getting one of the price was right.

  • Matt

    I wonder if you can bmx race on these..

    • BMX uses 1/8″ chains, no?

      • Matt

        Ah. Yep. Forgot about that. :)

        • hed1fsu

          Race use 3/32.. all profile race cassettes come in that size. Otherwise 1/8 for street etc.

          • Matt

            Hmm, then would it fit in a bmx bb?

          • Morgan Taylor

            You could BMX race on this if you were using SRAM mountain cranks, but the tooth profile is optimized for 11-speed use, and on a race BMX you’d want a single speed specific chainring.

  • Morgan Taylor

    I picked up a 28 tooth Chromag direct mount ring (which uses the SRAM X-SYNC tooth profile) for my lady’s bike this year. She’s pushing a 1×10 with a 11-36 out back. If these had been available, I’d definitely have gone with the 26 for her. In fact, I still may, and put the 28 on my hardtail that has X01.

  • naisemaj

    I just picked up a wolftooth direct mount, and honestly for the price I’m not sure why you would go for this. Heavier (32T on my scale), probably more expensive, and not made in the USA (i’m assuming). I do like the looks of it, but the wolftooth isn’t ugly either!

    • You know the Germans make good stuff.