Save the NSC Velodrome! Dec 10, 2014


Track racing is one of the most unique forms of cycling because it requires a special venue and when said venue is threatened, the sport itself takes the hit. The NSC Velodrome is the only velodrome in Minneapolis and right now, it needs our help.

If you’re in the area, there’s a fundraiser this weekend but you don’t have to live in Minneapolis to help support track cycling. Donate at the NSC Velodrome’s Go Fund Me page and help re-pave this beautiful track. If you’d like to some some truly wonderful photos of this velodrome, check out Kyle’s photos at Tracko.

  • schue113

    Thanks for posting this! The track needs our help now. This track was built to last 20-25 years and celebrated its 25th race season in 2014. The track was built in an area where the water table has caused the foundations of the support structures to settle over time. This is causing most of the heartache and subsequent costly repairs. This is wooden velodrome that lives outside throughout the Minnesota seasons. Lets keep this one alive!

  • mattio!

    thanks for the plug!

    Not just the only velodrome in minneapolis – it’s the only one between eastern wisconsin and colorado. the only outdoor wood-strip velodrome in the western hemisphere. one of the very few (4?) international-standard tracks in the usa. It’s special.