Santa Cruz Gets More Rowdy with the 27.5 V10 Dec 8, 2014


The V10 is one of Santa Cruz’s longer-running frames, with its 6th generation raising the bar even higher for the world of DH. Now offered with 216mm / 8.5” of travel and two adjustable geometry positions. You can choose either a high setting of 64° headtube angle / 360mm bottom bracket height or a low, with 63.5° headtube angle / 353mm bottom bracket height. Seeing one in person surpasses any skepticism you might have. The layup and frame design is top notch…

But that’s only the beginning. See more at Santa Cruz.

  • Harry

    Love that it still uses threaded BB, wish more brands would follow suit.

  • Maxwell Merkle

    This is great. This just means that the 26″ 2014 v10s are going super much cheaplier then they would have otherwise! Thanks, bike industry!